March 9, 2015

Ideas should dance. Are motion graphics a cure for heavy text?

A motion graphic can say more in 60 seconds more persuasively than 5000 words of texty grayness.

motion graphic example

A one-minute brand story.

When we imagine our story is fascinating and our audience eager to listen, we risk stupifying prospects with an avalanche of text. That never ends well.

Brochures and catalogs get tossed as soon as readers see paragraphs form daunting gray shapes. (A B2B white paper can be 50 shapes of gray.) On the web, we suffer the TL;DR response.

Video may be one answer, but go past 75 seconds (or be painfully ordinary) and viewers bail. Motion graphic solutions if done well engage viewers with simple and powerful directness. This example we created for ClubExpress sells a strong differentiation – in one cheerful minute.

BTW, if you’re an officer in a club or association, get a hands-on demo of ClubExpress. Their association management system (AMS) will make your job painless.