November 10, 2012

Nobody wants to buy what you’re selling

They don’t want your product/service/brand.

They don’t want what it is.

They want what it does.

They want what it does for them.

They want what it does for them with an emotional (serotonin/dopamine/other brain chemical) reward.

For many marketing professionals, this is (or should be) obvious. A big Duh. And yet … there are examples all around us of “rational” brand messages that never connect the dots all the way to How-The-Hell-Are-You-Going-To-Make-Me-Happy? It’s all about wiifm.

So. What story are you telling? The car, or the thrill of sliding around the salt flats? The acne medicine, or the pretty face I can get? The locomotive, or the career boost I’ll get from choosing it? The litigation expertise or the satisfaction of winning? The hops/water/brewmaster, or the admiration of my bar buddies for my sophisticated choice?

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