SEO, Organic Results, and Paid Search

Where do you appear on search results pages?

How do you rank for the top three terms your best prospects search? Good SEO (search engine optimization) takes time and constant effort to build. You need a dedicated member of your team to focus and manage SEO. Remaining static only allows competitors to swoop in and take your spot.

How can Killian Branding help?

We’ll edit your website’s copy and coding, create new content to target specific key search terms, even manage paid search campaigns while your organic results improve. Killian Branding can be the expert on your team building awareness — and piloting your brand around SEO’s ever-changing best practices. BTW, merely being visible on the first page of Google search results does NOT guarantee you’ll be clicked on first … or clicked on at all! Here’s something crucial you should know about making it into the selection set.


  • SEO development
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Copywriting

Want to rank better on Google?