Most logos suck.

Most? Let’s be clear: 98% of logos are forgettable.

In survey after survey, buyers mention the same small handful of memorable logos, and fail to recognize a zillion others.

Let’s put you to the test: on a clean sheet of paper, draw (or at least, name) your ten favorite logos. We’ll wait over here in the corner while you do it….

So. You named (or perhaps beautifully drew) your ten favorites. Now here’s the jackpot question: was your own logo, the visual central identity of your company or organization, included? If it was, you might not need our services. In all likelihood, though, you were more likely to have drawn a swoop, an apple or a golden arch. And that’s okay: great marks should be admired. There’s no excuse for you to settle for company name in Trajan font in a “dignified” navy blue (PMS 300) rectangle, is there?

At Killian Branding, we partner with you to create a logo you’ll love and won’t forget. Our collaborative process includes two to three presentations of explorations and refinements before a final delivery of the logo. Have questions about the process? Start here!


  • Logo assessment
  • Brand narrative
  • Visual POV
  • Ideation
  • Trademark preliminary search
  • Brand book and implementation

Give your logo a super power