February 6, 2016

New website launched for our rebranded client…

Why sevenOKs?

Every product they make is inspected by seven picky people.

And those products are amazing, as the updated website will show you.

sevenOKs logo

A sparkly new brand name, memorable logo, kickass tagline with a big promise.

Our rebranding process begins with listening. We ask endless questions of the leadership team, operations poeople, sales people, guys on the loading dock, distributors and sometimes even competitors. One differentiating insight we dug up in this particular deep dive was a key element of their team’s quality control: no item leaves the factory before an inspector gives that seventh OK. OK?

The new name BTW met all of our 16 strict re-naming criteria which we have discussed before: easy to remember, easy to spell, available as a .com, trademarkable, etc.

The client loves (and lives up to) that tagline. They engineer and hand-craft the world’s best insulated bags and custom presentation cases. Insulated bags for meal delivery, classroom meals, caterers and so on – they keep cool things cool and hot things hot – and all their products keep on keepin’ on, lasting years longer than made-for-cheap imports made in sweatshops.

old logo

Yes, the old name, logo and messaging were, um, let’s say, not memorable.

They’re the only people making bags with seamless interiors, so they’re guaranteed not to leak. The liners are anti-microbial, too, so they start and stay odorless.

Enter this contest, maybe win a sevenOKs prize:

Normally, we like to feature results prominently in every case history, but this is a newborn. So … let’s predict together: what does your crystal ball say the % sales increase will be six months from now? Closest three guesses win really neat built-for-keeps prizes (Hint: it’ll have your name or logo embroidered on it).