The Cocktail Napkin Effect

We recently had the pleasure of doing a portfolio review of 17 would-be creatives who had just completed an undergraduate course. One reason it was a pleasure was the instructor’s wise limitation put on the students: no computers. Each ad in each campaign was drawn by hand, and hand-lettered. The quality of the artwork, as you might expect, was pretty low, but that focused the attention on concept, not execution. Thinking, not polish. It reminded us, once again, of the virtues of the humble cocktail napkin, subject of on of our all-time favorite White Papers.

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  1. I recently completed a ten-day advertising student workshop at an agency and one of the seminars we sat in on in between creating our campaign included quite a few exercises involving notecards and hand-drawings of advertisements for a place we wanted to travel to. We had about five minutes for each, so artistic quality (in the aesthetic sense) was rather low-key, but the ideas and concepts? Probably some of the best we’ve ever done.

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