August 22, 2012

Dull = Death

It isn’t just ads, of course, where blandness is fatal.

Brand names qualify. Email campaigns. PR. Media plans. Speeches. Taglines. Tweets. Heck, you could include military strategy, prom dresses and chili recipes.

"Every great ad" poster

Keep pushing until somebody says “I’m afraid it seems too fillintheblank.” Bingo. Those first two words are a good sign. The goal, my friend, is not to blend in, to be inoffensive, to be “ah, just what I expected.” Bland acceptance all around is a red-flag symptom of zero-impact caution and impotent messaging.

Let’s change hearts and minds: sell beer, win votes, get donations, enroll members, raise the stock price, disarm the sentries, change loyalties. Let’s get noticed. Let’s risk offending somebody. Let’s amuse or seduce or provoke or puzzle or dazzle. Let’s do more than measure opinion – let’s change it.

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