August 12, 2012

If your business cards have “sales” on them, burn them.

Let’s make this simple: if any business has a “sales” department, “salespeople,” a “Sales” Manager, or a VP “Sales,” they’re stuck in the last century.

For starters, the titles have to change.

I know, I know. I’m accusing 2/3 of America’s enterprises of being stupidly backwards, and/or I’m defying “the way we’ve always blah blah blah.”

But look at the real world. Nobody wants to be sold to. We’ve evolved the SAT (Sales Avoidance Technologies) that allow us to happily deflect emails, cold calling, radio, tv, direct mail – 95% of all outbound messaging.

Buyers today feel they have access to enough information to make prudent decisions, and are happy to ignore “sales” pitches. They are sometimes correct in this belief.

So. Why on earth would you shoot yourself in the foot by announcing yourself as such an unwanted intrusion? Make a bonfire of your business cards. Some companies have wisely chosen new titles, sending Customer Satisfaction Engineers (or some such) out into the world. Good first step.

The mentality and methodology have to change, too, not just the words on the O-chart. You want to be on the same side of the table as your prospects, don’t you?

Can anybody justify the continued use of this antique?