October 5, 2013

Every time you make a PowerPoint, a puppy gets crushed.

One item usually requested when we create or recreate a brand identity is a PowerPoint template.

We used to comply, because strategic sales tools give everyone in the choir the same sheet of music. A disciplined sales force can be a brand’s best friend. Yada yada yada.

capabilities not a PowerPoint

No puppies were crushed in the making of this.

But visions of the dreaded PuppyCrusher™ out there made us rebel. Nobody need commit the sin of PowerPoint any more.

Kick the habit! Think of those puppies in danger. Even worse, think of your audiences sitting slack-jawed and nearly comatose as slide 47 adds 112 more words to the pitch. Mercy.

There are of course better alternatives. Check out for example this capabilities prezi we did for ourselves recently. Dynamic beats static once again, in a rout.

Another alternative to PowerPoint  is video to put your brand into motion. When used creatively and with attention to production values, it need not be expensive or mind-numbing. Keep it on message, keep it moving. Make sure you have good audio plus music. Keep it short and visual, not exhaustive and text-y. A picture is worth something north of 900 words. Many kinds of animation BTW are far less costly than they were in the old days, five years ago. Ask us about that.

Better to have multiple 40 to 90 second videos with surprises and delights rather than one 4-minute MEGO*. If it’s for the home page of your website, or a traffic-stopper for a trade show, discipline yourself to a 59 second maximum. Keep subtracting until you get there.

*Don’t know if that acronym is still in general use, but it was common journalist slang for stories about economics or wars between two faraway countries or zoning ordinances. My Eyes Glaze Over. 99% of all PowerPoints are MEGOs.