Spock Fails at Branding

Every purchase decision involves emotion. We buy from people we like, we buy from brands we like. Unless you’re selling commodities to robots, reason takes a back seat to feelings. Spock fails at branding. Every time.

SEO: The Three Cs

Is SEO really magical science?
No. That email promising to get you to #1 on Google overnight is a scam. Don’t fall for it.
Getting ahead of your competitors, finishing higher on Google searches depends on how you handle the Three C’s of Search Engine Optimization. The video explains that.

The Selection Set Blues

Is your online lead generation disappointing? Find the cure. Choose effective strategies that multiply your chances of beating competitors into the selection set. The problem, you see, may begin with your website’s HTML code, but you can solve it. It takes better SEO to get in it… Your best prospects turn to search engines (Google and the seven dwarfs) to help …

Who Visited Your Site?

Don’t know who looked at your website yesterday? That’s a problem. You can’t engage prospects you don’t see. Technology to the rescue. Today, you can monitor and respond to prospects 24/7. Observe visitors to your website, see which pages they visit, monitor which emails they actually open, what display ad or search engine or email or FB post brought them …

Are Focus Groups Obsolete?

Well… are they? Hell yes! We’re so passionate about the need for their extinction we wrote a white paper on the subject years ago (read it here). It’s still true. Why the hate? It’s a committee, for Pete’s sake. Humanity’s blockbuster weapon to prevent action. Many (and trust us, we’ve seen many) new product launches have shipwrecked because marketers banked …

Respect the Humble Semi-Colon

The semi-colon: a 1% edge, and a shibboleth* Would 99% of your audience even notice if you misused a semi-colon? Probably not. This leaves 1% who would notice — and they’d take you more seriously. Punctuation pumps up perception. Look at any FB comment section – the sprawling mess of regurgitated word salad makes people sound irredeemably stupid. The (rare) comment that contains no spelling or …

The Seven Line Limit

Join our mission to stop spray and pray marketing. Learn more and how to stop in our lastest video.